We’re thrilled to share some exciting news from the Alair Decatur team! Our team has recently been featured in an article titled “A Little House That Lives Large” in This Old House magazine. Authored by Fred Albert and beautifully captured by photographer Mark Mauldin and featuring the stunning design work of Frank Neely, this article showcases an inspiring home transformation that reimagines the exterior and interior spaces of this narrow shotgun house.

Preservation Meets Reinvention: The Story of a Little House

The goal of this restoration project was to maintain the integrity of the architecture while creating additional living space. With a lot dimension of 30-by-85-foot and the desire to add more bedrooms and bathrooms, the best approach was to expand upward. After securing the necessary approvals for historical preservation from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission (AUDC), the project was set in motion. As the construction team from Alair Decatur embarked on a mission to honor the past while building for the future, the challenges and triumphs of restoring this little house came to light.



Heather Shuster, one of Alair Decatur’s partners and Chair of the Dekalb County Historic Preservation Commission, shares her insights. “Every project is a unique chapter in the story of our city’s heritage. It’s an honor to play a role in shaping its future.”

Invitation to the Fall Issue: A Journey with This Old House

Learn how the Alair Decatur team solved the issues of this preservation meets reinvention project. We invite you to immerse yourself in the complete story. Discover the full article in the fall issue of This Old House magazine, capturing the essence of “A Little House That Lives Large.” Join us on this restoration and reinvention journey, where heritage and innovation converge to create a narrative of resilience and transformation.

👉 Read the full article in the fall issue of This Old House magazine.