When remodeling your kitchen, having a plan can make the overall process easier. To keep your new kitchen design from being overwhelming, ask yourself these questions before you begin:

What’s Your Overall Goal?

This is the first question that should be answered because it gives you an understanding of how you want your kitchen to function. Perhaps you want your new kitchen to serve as a place that your family can relax, or you may want a kitchen that serves as a contemporary space where you can entertain your guests. A few questions that can help include: Do I enjoy cooking? Will my family want to eat and spend time in here?

What Items are on my Wish List?

Now that you have your overall goal in mind, you can decide which items on your wish list are nonnegotiable. You may have your heart set on an upscale range or trendy window seat, but it is important to make sure that these items will fit within your budget. You can start out with a large list of items you that want for your new kitchen and gradually eliminate the ones that aren’t necessary for your new kitchen design.

How do I get an Efficient Kitchen Layout?

Your kitchen layout is a major factor in your overall design. This area may require some advice from a trusted home builder, such as a professional at Alair Homes Decatur. A home builder can help you determine where outlets will be for new appliances and can give you advice on how to create spacious zones for washing, prepping, and cooking.

Where do I Want my Accompanying Elements?

At this point, you may need to ask yourself where you want accompanying elements, such as heating and lighting. The right lighting can make your kitchen welcoming and help you see while you prep and cook food. You may want direct lighting over your kitchen island or other surfaces, or you may want a spotlight that shines from the ceiling. You should also decide where you want your heating. Do you want underfloor heating in your new kitchen or a radiator? Finding the right spots for heating and lighting can help prevent costly adjustments when you are in the installation phase.

Will I Need Building Permits?

If you plan on having building done to your new kitchen, it is best to get the proper permits early in the process. Even small-scale changes, which could include installing an oven range hood, may still require a permit. The best way to find out which permits you will need is to visit your local planning office. Your project manager should also be able to help.

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Who Will I Need to Hire?

During this stage in the planning process, it’s important to decide who you will hire. There are some companies, such as Alair Homes Decatur, which have the capability to take on the entire project. If you have a team of professionals who have the capability to understand and carry out your kitchen design goals, it will help ensure that the final results meet all of your expectations. Contact us to discuss your next project.