If you’ve been planning a home remodeling project, then you are probably looking for the quickest and easiest ways to organize before construction begins. With the inevitable dust, temporarily tighter quarters, and contractors in your living space, you’ll need to have a clear plan as to how to have the items that you need during that time easily accessible, while also making room for the work that has to be done. To help you plan your organization efforts, Alair Homes Decatur offers the following tips.

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Decide What You Need

One of the most important first steps in this process is to decide what you will need during the construction process. If you’re having your bedroom closet expanded, it will be important to clear out your extra clothing, shoes, belts and purses. Pare your outfits down to the number that you will need for the length of the project, and then add a couple of items in case something gets dirty in the middle of the day.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, keep a few dishes handy, and make quick and easy meals. You might find it easier to simply pack your dishes away and use paper plates and plastic forks for the duration of the project. It’s also important to have some items to cook with – at minimum, a pot and a pan. If you’re a coffee drinker, make sure to put your coffee pot in an accessible place too so that your morning cup of Joe isn’t too far away.

Store the Rest

You might be wondering what you will do with all of your extra things that you need to relocate. One option is to move it to another room, a basement, or an attic, if you have the space. If that’s not an option, rent a storage unit.

Make Things Easy to Move

For the things that you need to keep during the project, make sure that they are easy to move in case the contractor needs to get into a tight space. For instance, perhaps put your items into storage containers on wheels. A few rolling plastic organizers can keep your shampoo and hair dryer both easy to move and free of dust if you’re remodeling your bathroom. Similarly, the same type of storage will work for underwear and socks. And if you need storage for garments that must be hung up, look for a rolling garment rack with a plastic cover.

Keep Valuables Safe

While you should never hire contractors that you can’t trust, it’s still wise to pack up your valuables during a remodel. You’ll likely have several different contractors in your home, and you might even have a period of time in which an exterior door is taken off, leaving your home more vulnerable than normal. Place anything of financial or personal value in a locked safe. Alternately, move them offsite to a friend or family member’s house or a bank safety deposit box. After all, if you didn’t lock them away and something went missing or was broken, it would be difficult to know who was responsible.

During a home remodel, there is so much chaos that you’ll be thankful for any forethought that you put in prior to the start of construction. Your contractors will appreciate your organization too when they are able to work more efficiently. As an added bonus, consider how much more quickly you’ll be able to put your house together once the remodel is finished. Alair Homes Decatur welcomes the opportunity to work with you as you prepare for and complete your home remodeling project. Contact us with any questions, and let us know how we can help.