Building a custom home offers the chance to include upgrades that are considered to be the “bells and whistles” of the property. The features can enhance the aesthetics of the house and make it more functional. When you are in the design phase, the choices available might seem endless. Understanding the latest trends helps. Here are a few to consider.

Painted Cabinets

The cabinets are the main feature on display in the kitchen and set the tone of the space. Consider having the cabinets painted with a unique color to give the house extra personality. Top shades for cabinetry include blue, gray and green. When professionally painted, cabinets in these shades help the room to still feel light and airy.

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Glass Cabinet Inserts

Glass cabinet inserts are increasing in popularity because they add a decorative element to cabinets and allow you to show off your dishes. Whether you own beautiful china or expensive cookware, glass cabinet inserts allow the contents to contribute to the design of the space. Request them before the cabinets are built because they are more difficult to add once the cabinets are installed.

Chic Tile

More people are investing in quality tile to draw attention to the floors in their kitchen, entryway or bathroom. Add tile that has a unique pattern, and the space immediately looks high-end. Upgraded tile can make a small space have more appeal and pairs well with neutral color shades.

Carpet Pad

For rooms that have carpet, a carpet pad that is used underneath makes the floor softer to walk on for added comfort. Quality underpadding can also increase the lifespan and quality of the carpet.

Hardwood Floors Upper Hallway

Hardwood floors are not limited to the downstairs in modern homes. They are frequently installed in the hallways on other floors of the home. Hardwood floors add a regal touch and increase the value of the house. You won’t have to worry about the carpet wearing down in areas of high traffic upstairs, and the hardwood also looks beautiful with a custom built solid wood staircase.

Higher Cabinets

Building higher cabinets allows you to take advantage of extra space that is available and have more room to store different types of kitchen tools and appliances. High cabinets also prevent ledges from being present, minimizing the accumulation of dust. They create a more streamlined look in the room and enhance the design of the setting.

A Place for the Microwave

Microwaves can look awkward and out of place if you do not designate a specific area for installation. They also take up valuable countertop space. To prevent this problem, add a custom spot underneath the countertops or above the stovetop for the item to ensure that it is easy to access but out of the way.

Integrating specific upgrades into your Alair Homes Decatur custom home enhances the value and quality of the setting. You get more enjoyment out of the property when you create spaces that feel more like home.