What is eye candy? In the world of homes, often it means the bling, the flash, the wow factors that make up a remodeling project. It’s those items that you can see when you first walk into a home: custom cabinets with a glazed finish, dramatic granite countertops with organic movements from ions ago, custom glass and stone tile, multi-layered trim work, spectacular lighting fixtures, etc.

These are all items that leave us as designers and homeowners saying “What a beautiful home!”. These magnificent details do make all the difference in the aesthetics of a home. But what about what lies beneath the skin? Beauty is only skin deep is an expression often heard. In our world, we say: beauty is only drywall deep!

Your Homes Electrical System

As a builder, we also care deeply about what you will never see, but appreciate it when it is done well. One example is the electrical system in the home. We all can see the outlets, lights, and switches that we interact with every day in our homes. We appreciate when the outlets are all installed at the same heights, as well as plumb and level. But how are all those locations connected to each other?

How Is It Done?

The answer is that an electrician runs spools and spools of wires through the wood framing to connect the dozens of circuits that make up a home’s electrical system. And without going into the technical details of AMPS, volts, etc., even a layperson can step back to admire a beautifully wired home. A master electrician and his helpers judiciously drill holes through the middle of the studs, carefully staple and stack wires, install nailing plates, and are always sure to always find the most direct routes. The end results, when you take time to look at it, is elegance. And then it all gets covered up by drywall. This beauty is deeper than drywall!