Arizona has a brief “fall” season. The season of when the days are warm but the evenings and early morning hours are quite brisk. The autumn weather only lasts a few weeks before the winter months come and weather drops to freezing temperatures. Living in Arizona, it is important to “Winterize” your home before the cold months hit.


Homeowners want to avoid any change of flood damage during the months when it tends to rain more. During the fall months, trees are losing their leaves which can result in clogged gutters. As a homeowner, when those leaves are falling, it is important to gently remove debris from your gutters. It is also important to check pipes and make sure they are not exposed to prevent them from freezing and bursting.


Windows, doors, and attics tend to be the prime suspect for allowing a draft into your home. Simple solutions are as follows:

Ensure your attic has at least 12” of insulation, regardless of where you live.

If your home has single pane windows, an inexpensive solution is a ‘window insulation kit.’

Caulk and weather-stripping can help in any area allowing a draft. (I.E. recessed lighting, door frames, electrical outlets.”


Check your heating equipment for the winter season can help keep the bill down. Make sure the filter is being cleaned or changed once a month. Homeowners also check the duct insulation to ensure they are covered with insulation and not exposed.


When it gets cold outside, it is common for fireplaces to be running. Check your chimney before lighting your first fire of the season to make sure it is clean. Make sure a fire extinguisher is close by incase a fire breaks out. Continue to check your smoke detector batteries through the year.

As a homeowner, it is important to know what your homeowner’s insurance covers. It never hurts to call them and talk to them about floods and fires that may occur during the winter months. With how cold it can get in the desert, it is important to get a head start on preparing your home for the cold, winter months.