It’s common for most homeowners to assume that their kitchen is maxed out with the amount of space that is available. The cabinets may feel overstuffed with cooking tools and the room can feel cramped. If you want to transform the setting of your kitchen and make use of each square foot, there are a few important ways of adding extra space.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Take advantage of vertical space on the walls where you can hang shelves to store extra dishes or potted plants. You’ll free up extra space on the countertops or in the cabinets by creating room to hold the items that you need to use. Pegboard can also be used to hold prongs or spoons that are used while cooking.

Use Waterfall Countertops

You can use waterfall countertops to make your countertops appear larger without breaking down walls or changing the layout. The design causes the countertops to connect to the side of the cabinets and reach down to the floor. Waterfall countertops make your counters look modern and upscale. The installation of quartz or granite materials create a regal design. Theses countertops are a popular choice for homeowners for their ability to add symmetry and balance to the room.

Waterfall countertops can also be used on an island, which will make it work as the focal point of the space.

Install Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets may be an investment, but they can increase your house’s value by causing the home appear larger and more spacious. Creating custom cabinets will allow you to determine how much room you need to store your small appliances and dishes without taking up room that will be wasted. Backless cabinets can save extra room without compromising on the amount of storage space that you have available. Rollout garbage cans add extra convenience and will prevent you from blocking a walkway with the trash can. Keeping the product out of sight will also improve the aesthetics of the room. If you need more information about installing custom cabinets, Alair Homes Chandler is here to help.

Go Higher

Consider adding extra room to the ceiling when you want the kitchen to appear larger in size. You can use the extra space that is available in an attic to increase the height of the ceiling and make it feel roomier.

Add a Mini Island

Make use of extra space in the middle of the room with a mini island. A mini island can hold a stovetop, built-in cabinets, or drawers for an extra place to keep your items. Choose an island that is two-feet deep and will provide you with an extra area to boil water or chop tomatoes. You’ll find that it’s easier for more than one person to utilize the space and can also create pathways for traffic. You can also install an extra sink in the island where the dishes or produce can be rinsed off.

Choose Smaller Appliances

When you want to create the illusion of a larger room, upgrade to smaller appliances that can allow you to build smaller cabinets or countertops around the products. The appliances won’t affect the functionality of the room but can free up extra space to make it easier to navigate the home.
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