Home innovation is designed to make your life easier. You can have a greener, more efficient home by using automation and home technology. A typical automated home setup integrates everything from your home heating and air conditioning to your lights, entertainment systems, and home security alarm.

By integrating these devices and using a mobile interface, you can change the temperature of your home, start dinner or even be alerted to a fire or other emergency. This home technology is here to stay; about 45% of all renovation projects include at least one smart home component.

For most people, home safety and security ranks as the most important high tech home feature. Home security makes up 36% of the smart home products sold. A mobile interface makes it possible to interact with and check on the home, even when you are away. Alerts for fire, gas or even water problems give home owners peace of mind.

The next 26% of the high tech home market is dedicated to entertainment. Televisions, streaming, speakers and other equipment can be controlled by mobile device or remote. The system also allows you to seamlessly watch a program or movie on a different screen, even if you leave the room.

Budget friendly lighting and climate control systems both have about 20% of the market share. These are chosen for both their ability to comfort the home and to improve energy efficiency. Automated home thermostats can adjust home temperatures while occupants are away, while lighting can be controlled via mobile device, reducing the energy used and improving home security.

Consumers continue to adopt smart home features. As new technology emerges, more and more homeowners and renters get on board with the latest innovations in smart home technology.



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