Building a custom home is considered to be a dream for most people. It means moving into a house that offers the optimum level of customization in layout and features. Although you may know what you want the final product to look like, knowing where to start is sometimes confusing. When you are ready to build a new home in Chandler, there are a few steps that help simplify the process of moving the project from vision to life.

Finance the House

Securing financing in advance puts the budget in place and provides you with a firm picture of how much you have to spend. In some cases, it is challenging to find a lender to finance a custom built home. Working with a general contractor and asking them for lender recommendations is a good way to overcome this obstacle.

Plan to have savings in place to cover the down payment. This averages 10 to 20 percent of the total project cost. The lender will also take a close look at your employment and verify that you have a good credit score. Make a point to increase your score to at least 680 before applying. This is accomplished by paying down your debts and avoiding late payments.

Find Land

Once you secure financing, consider where you would like to build the house. Ask yourself several questions to discover where to look and what to look for when beginning the process. They might include considering school districts, what your ideal commute time to work is, the amenities in and around each neighborhood and the average cost of homes in the areas you are considering. While it is important to consider your family’s current needs, make sure to think about future needs as well such as if you plan to expand your family or what your career path might hold.

At this stage, it is often ideal to have a general contractor in place if you have not already selected one. Discuss your wants, needs and family’s lifestyle with your design and construction team. While their primary purpose is to help you build the home of your dreams, they might also be able to help you find a plot of land to buy. Many are aware of lots that are not currently listed for sale. They also often know or can research if there are any restrictions on the land. These can limit the size of your garage or home. Such restrictions may make you want to consider another property.

Budget for the Design Process

Designing your home is one of the most important parts of building your custom built home in Chandler to ensure that it suits your lifestyle, personality and taste. Creating an inspiration board is a great place to start. When working with Alair Homes Chandler, clients are encouraged to bring their board or ideas along to a discovery meeting. Tools like this provide valuable information and help us better understand what your ideal home looks like. Armed with information, we work together to create a design schematic that meets your needs and your budget.

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Hire a Team

Hiring the right sub-contractor team is crucial to any custom home building project. Having a professional general contractor on your side simplifies this process. With the right general contractor, a project manager is assigned to your home. This individual makes recommendations about top professionals and oversees their work through each stage of construction to ensure it lives up to high workmanship standards. Coupled with transparency to ensure that your input is always valued, this helps the construction process to run smoothly.

Building a custom built home requires forethought and planning. With a professional contractor like Alair Homes Chandler on your side, the process of moving from one step to the next is simplified. The end result is a better home building experience and a beautiful new property for your family to enjoy for years to come.