Jeff Gorszczyk

When I first heard about this topic when I was in my 30’s I really didn’t think it would become part of my life until I was at least into my 60’s or 70’s, boy I was wrong. Back in the winter of 2008 my mother came to stay with my wife and I and she unfortunately had a massive heart attack.

Living through the trauma that a heart attack can cause she wasn’t given much time to live. My mother had become wheel chair bound with very little mobility. In order for her to live the remainder of her life comfortably, she would have to come live in our home. I had to modify our home so that she could get around as much as possible.

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For my mother to live comfortably I needed to learn about how to make our home more accessible for her. Having a construction background and modifying homes for other families helped me to complete my own project. After I finished working on my own house I realized the quality of life became better for my mother. And how important modifying a home that would meet her needs was for everyone.

After my mothers passing I wanted to devote more time to Aging in Place and Universal Design, so I enrolled in the Certified Aging in Place class in 2010 from NAHB organization, and in 2011 in the Universal Design class from NARI organization. Today I still am passionate about making all of the homes we build at Alair as inviting and free from barriers so that it is possible for all homeowners to live in their homes the rest of their lives.