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You know your Chandler, AZ remodel is going to be incredibly expensive, but once it gets started, it’s even more expensive than you anticipated. It can be tough to get the remodel you want within your budget, but these contractors gave us a few of their best tips for staying under your budget.

Finalize the Plan

Don’t leave details hanging for when the project starts. Make sure all costs are finalized with the architect as well as the contractor. It’ll prevent change orders that can be quite expensive later.

Honest Budgeting

It’s important that you discuss real numbers with your contractor. Allow your design team to help you work through the budget to ensure you have found the most creative ways to stretch the budget. When your contractor knows you’re serious about hiring him, he’ll work with you to find a way to accommodate your constraints while still getting the remodel that you will absolutely love.

Focal Pieces

If you can buy a great piece that is integral to the design of your space, consider heading to an auction site or Craigslist. This should be done long before the rest of the materials are purchased though. For example, if you want a certain whirlpool tub and see one online for a fraction of the price, you’ll want to scoop that up immediately.

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Slow Time

In states with a slow time and peak time, you might be able to save money by hiring your contractors to work during that slow time. If you live in a sunnier state, ask your contractor when their slow time is to get the best discounts.

Be Respectful

Contractors should be treated respectfully even if you disagree with something they’ve done. When you treat them with kindness, they’ll be more likely to remember that and treat you the same way when you need it.

Good, Paying Client

Don’t have your contractor chase you for the payments that were agreed upon at the beginning of the project. When a contractor feels appreciated and paid on time, he’s more likely to go the extra mile for you when you need it.

Focus on Essentials

While you might think you need the most expensive materials, you can find high-quality, inexpensive materials if you really search and keep an open mind. Instead of choosing the most expensive tile for the backsplash in the kitchen, pick a tile that won’t break the bank.

Barter System

If you have a skill, you might be able to barter for services. Instead of paying your contractor in cash, maybe you can provide tax advice and preparation. If you’re a lawyer, you could offer your services in exchange for work. Your vacation home could be a good bartering commodity too.

DIY the Work

While you might not be able to do some of the more complicated work yourself, you could install the flooring or do the tile in some of the space. Talk to the contractor about how you can contribute your time and save yourself some money without getting in his way during the job.

Schedule in Phases

Instead of trying to do everything at the same time, schedule your project in phases. Parts of the project might be able to be completed later after you’ve saved up some money for the project.