When summer fades and chilly temperatures arrive, spending time in the backyard seems uncomfortable and impractical. Even in Chandler, many homeowners only use their outdoor living space a few months out of the year, but you do not have to stay cooped up indoors during cooler weather conditions. By making a few smart updates to your outdoor living space through a home remodel, you and your family can enjoy this area well into the fall months.

A Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

Staying warm is a top priority during the cold weather season, and introducing fire features to your outdoor living space is a wonderful way to do so. A fire pit may be set away from the main outdoor living area. With comfortable chairs placed around it, this is a great space to chat, relax and even toast marshmallows. An outdoor fireplace may be in an open-air area, or it may be in a semi-enclosed outdoor living room. This beautiful feature may be a focal point that adds aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Photo by Alair Homes ChandlerDiscover pool design inspiration

A Hot Tub

Another idea is to invest in a hot tub for use year-round. Regardless of how cold the air is, the warm water of a hot tub can be inviting. You can relax on your own or entertain family and friends. Consider building a decorative wall or two around the hot tub to semi-enclose the space for privacy and to block cool winds. You may also build a small changing room nearby so that you and your guests can change clothes comfortably without having to run to and from the main house in chilly weather. To expand this feature further, add a pool to your backyard that includes a hot tub as well as the ability to heat the pool for year round swimming potential.

An Outdoor Kitchen

A great addition to an outdoor living space that can be used from spring to fall each year is a kitchen. The features in an outdoor kitchen are weather-proof, so they can withstand exposure to the elements. With an outdoor kitchen, the area may be semi-enclosed, and heating lamps may be placed strategically to provide warmth when necessary. You may also create a bar top counter and install an outdoor TV so that you can entertain guests while you prepare meals.

A Four Seasons Room

If you love spending time outdoors and want to immerse yourself in a natural environment, a four seasons room may be a great idea. These rooms may be entirely encased in glass, or they may have huge windows that provide you with expansive views. Because they are enclosed, they can be used comfortably throughout the year. This room may serve as your patio, or it may lead into a warm-weather area that you enjoy in the summer.

While some people only use an outdoor living space in the summer, you can see that a few updates through a home remodel project can make this space functional for most of the year. Explore practical ideas that may work well for your lifestyle and for the space available, and turn to Alair Homes Chandler for quality home remodeling services. Contact us to schedule your consultation.