Having been in the construction industry now for over 25 years, change can be a good thing. I’ve seen a lot of things evolve on the technological side, for example starting with the use of pen and paper, followed by the flip phone, which evolved to the smart phone, which often replaces the use of computers.

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Carrying a notebook in the past has now evolved to talking into your phone to save information, or sending someone an email seems to be the norm. We used to draw plans on graph paper, notepaper, or even a napkin. Now we have computer aided design programs that do everything for us and make our projects look even better before we start to construct them.

With all of this great technology available to us now, I am looking for the next big change – so I’m excited that I’ve partnered with Alair Homes. I truly feel that our concepts will lead to the next big change in this industry. Stay tuned.