Curb appeal is the sum of those small but powerful embellishments that a homeowner adds to the facade of their house. These features are ones that make a passersby slow down and take an appreciative look. Better yet, strong curb appeal can raise the resale value of a home when it’s time to put it on the market. The good thing about curb appeal is that the little touches that add to it don’t have to be at all expensive. Here are some ideas from Alair Homes Chandler to boost a home’s curb appeal:

The Front Door

A couple of coats of paint on an old door can make it eye-catching. A homeowner shouldn’t be nervous of bold colors such as fire engine red, grass green, sun yellow or ultramarine blue, especially if the colors of the door surround or the house’s siding are neutral. Rows of potted plants alongside the door make the entire area stand out even more. Some homeowners top off the new look with oversize house numbers.


Tiered stairs can add to curb appeal. These stairs can be mounted from the sides as well as the front and can be more than one color. In one example, the treads are wood colored, and the risers are white with black button accents.

Some homeowners install lights in the risers or the treads that not only give the steps a fantastic look but count as safety features. LED lights make installation easy, and once installed they last for years. LEDs are cool to the touch and won’t present a fire hazard if they’re installed.


Like lights in stairs, overhangs above the front door are not only attractive but add protection against the weather. Overhangs can be simple or ornate, and some have their own lights.


A homeowner can get truly creative when they install a new walkway. They can be made of simple concrete slabs in the grass, railway ties, brick laid in various patterns, flagstones or natural stone. A long concrete pathway can be dyed or stained and polished until it resembles glass. Add mushroom or bullet lights along the pathway for both beauty and safety.

Photo by Alair Homes ChandlerLook for exterior home design inspiration

Add Plants

Plants soften the look of hardscaping such as walkways, sidewalks, steps and even the siding of the house itself. Some people allow moss or other ground covers to grow in cracks placed between the riser and tread of steps. Other homeowners put prostrate plants or ground covers in the small spaces between flagstones, or simply put flowers in window boxes.

Other Types of Lighting

Lighting makes the front of the home welcoming in the dark of night. Adding a pair of wall lanterns beside the front door or a contemporary style outdoor chandelier from the porch ceiling should not be very expensive. Sidelights and windows in the door itself let the light from within the house spill out onto the porch or stoup.

Mailbox Makeover

Mailboxes don’t have to be boring and strictly utilitarian. A homeowner can plant flowers around the mailbox, and paint the wooden support the same color as the house. Indeed, they can even paint the mailbox with paint made especially for metal.