Nowadays, your kitchen functions like the heart and lungs of your home. It’s where the life is. It’s where people hang out. Where your guests laugh over a glass of wine at Thanksgiving. Where you try out and burn grandma’s favorite recipe.

While our professionals at Alair Homes Chandler can’t help you with the recipe, we can make some suggestions on how to make your kitchen as fun as your kitchen-related memories and activities feel. The following three suggestions will bring a lighter spirit to the space making it warm and inviting and way fun!

Bring Out the Paint

Some of the best kitchen designs feature funky and fun paint colors, according to an article on If you’re the brave type, you can try painting your whole kitchen in a funky color like fire engine red or sapphire blue. However, if you’re not brave, but still want to do something fun try painting just an accent wall or your trim in a vibrant color. Then purchase items that match that color to accent the room.

Photo by Alair Homes ChandlerDiscover modern kitchen design inspiration

Cool Flooring Options

As a general contracting company, Alair Homes Chandler is often asked to make a space stand out or to look bigger. Often we can accomplish this with a big remodel, but sometimes, this isn’t an option due to budget and other constraints. That’s where we would recommend a fun optical illusion.

Think about it this way: Say your living room and your kitchen open up to one another, but you still want to give the illusion of them being two separate spaces. The solution is easy. Carpet the living room and tile the kitchen. Or use two different kinds of flooring side by side like tile and wood.

Visually, this sets apart the two spaces but doesn’t require an extra wall to make that happen. This solution requires some remodeling, but not the kind that would ask you to add on another room.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Texture is another subtle way to make your kitchen look fun. We touched on this a bit with the previous entry, but it’s worth talking about a bit more. Kitchens serve many functions, so it’s perfectly acceptable to allow your kitchen’s textures to highlight that function. For example, you may want a polished metal backsplash on the stove. This allows for easy cleaning plus it is an interesting non-textured, textured item if that makes sense.

Next, add either granite or sandstone countertops and flooring. This gives the room a natural feel that’s also subtle.

Wooden cabinets, bar stools, and tables are another way to add a bit of texture. If you’re going for the rustic look then try for a rougher wood, and maybe even add some chairs that have wicker or rope materials on the seats and backs.

Finally, don’t forget that accents are an easy way to add some texture to the room. Buy a painting that features thick, impasto paint. Or better yet, try a wall mural that features this technique.

Final Thoughts on Your Fun Kitchen

A fun kitchen lends itself to the joy of family and of the moments you all spend together. Giving your kitchen a fun vibe counts as one way you can encourage this kind of spirit. By doing things like changing the paint or the tiles or by adding a bit of texture, you can bring fun into your kitchen in no time.