Jeff Gorszczyk

From seasonal spruce-ups to spontaneous redesign, we like to reinvigorate our interiors. Here are 25 cool makeovers you can try this month.

  1. Grab some old teacups, teapots and pots. Reuse them as vases and planters.
  2. Instead of closets and racks at the front door, use hangers that attach right to the wall. There are decorative designs and two-sided tape options that can hold up to 10 pounds.
  3. Energize windows with new covers. Heavier coverings can block out harsh summer sunlight.
  4. Shower curtains transform a bathroom. Go with floral, geometric or subdued palettes.
  5. Place positive messages and cheery affirmations around the house. Change them often so there’s always something new to find.
  6. Give walls dynamic looks with unique colors. Experiment with style and techniques. Try different paints on walls in the same room.
  7. Highlight specific points with collections usually sprinkled around a room. Display a doll or vase collection, or rare books. Hang something over them to draw the eye.
  8. Grab a brush and a nice hue to jazz up display cases by repainting only the interior or line back panels with wallpaper.
  9. A gallery wall is a nice touch. Put your kids’s art or pieces you’ve bought on a single wall. Keep costs down by printing images from the Internet or repurpose images from old calendars.
  10. Swap out knobs and pulls on cabinets, closets and other storage utilities.
  11. Change up on towels that align with bathroom schemes. Punch up a black-and-white design with bright hues of green and yellow.
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  13. Textures can do wonders. Go with plush throw pillows, velvety carpets and wool blankets.
  14. A rug is an exceptional way to light up rooms. Make sure it has a character, color, texture and graphic statement that draws the eye.
  15. Disposable wallpaper offers a way to enhance interiors quickly. You can even use it on the ceiling.
  16. Mirrors add focal points, opulence, make spaces look bigger and light bounce. A cluster of mirrors on a single wall can do wonders.
  17. Need we tout the benefits of fresh flowers? They add texture, beauty, color and fragrance.
  18. Houseplants are not in the same category as flowers. They give environments a relaxed feel, purify air and have been linked to boosted concentration and lowered blood pressure.
  19. Look for furnishings that could use an upgrade. A fresh coat of paint or new handles will transform anything into a work of art.
  20. Highlight features by painting floorboards, door frames and crown moldings with rich, moody or lively, playful tones.
  21. Frame your bed with a handmade headboard. The Internet is awash with inexpensive ideas.
  22. Make a statement with your mats. Whether at an entryway, or in the kitchen or bathroom, have something to say while making floors easier to keep clean.
  23. Regularly swap out bedding accessories. Mix and match throw pillows, sheets, quilts, giving the bedroom a striking look every time.
  24. Touch up doorways with colorful designs. We typically match doors with wall color, but a change up can add a twist to that type of restrained thinking.
  25. Regularly change curtains. Give old ones a new look with fabric dye or bleaching.
  26. Instead of a stagnant layout, tweak. On a regular basis, rearrange furniture, move a picture, add a picture. Give anyone that thinks they’re familiar with your home a peek at your evolving imagination.