Most people want to create an appealing and attractive setting in their home. It’s also important that the setting is functional. Creating an interior environment that is easy to navigate will make you want to spend more time at home. Here are a few tips to creating a functional home.

1. Use Empty Space

Transform awkward areas of the home into a reading area or a small office space to prevent clutter from accumulating in dead spaces.

2. Create Storage Space

Designate specific places where you can have storage to ensure that everything has its place to prevent the home from appearing messy or disorganized.

3. Choose the Right Finishes

Research the finishes that you decide to install in each room to ensure that they work well for the space. In bathrooms, you’ll need durable tiles to install in the showers and on the floors. Kitchens will require sleek tiles that can be used on the backsplash.

4. Show Off Your Personality

Allow your personality to shine with design elements that include bold prints or neutral pillows that are on display. Choose pieces that incorporate your favorite colors, whether you’re choosing the curtains for the windows or the accessories that will be used on a bookshelf.

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5. Allow the Rooms to Work Hard

Get more use out of each room by using features that can serve multiple purposes to ensure that the space is utilized. In bathrooms, consider adding lighting under the cabinets to make the room appear high-end or sleek. Another option is to install a toilet in an area that can conceal pipes that are visible.

6. Choose the Right Layout

Get an idea of how you navigate your home when creating the layout of different rooms. This will ensure that it’s easy to walk around in each day. Changing the layout may require you to knock down certain walls or add a kitchen island to make the space convenient to use.

7. Create a Plan for the Lighting

Make it a point to have a combination of both natural and artificial light in the home to ensure that it appears cheery and uplifting. Open up the blinds in windows and install recessed lights overhead to make sure that both types of lighting can be used during the day or night. Some areas of the home that are dim may also need more powerful bulbs to ensure that there’s plenty of visibility.

8. Consider the Future

Homeowners should think about future needs instead of just immediate ones. This will ensure that the space is still convenient to use once you have children or parents move in at a later date.

9. Remain Practical

Maximize your space in Alair Homes Chandler to ensure that it’s easy to perform daily tasks, such as washing the dishes or doing the laundry. If possible, add an area that can be used as a laundry and folding room. Remaining practical will make your daily routine easier and more convenient when performing chores to create a functional home.

10. Layer the Color Palette

Layer different colors in each room by creating a neutral backdrop with pops of yellow, red, or pink to create a visually appealing environment that has proper balance.


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