While routines are good, some can evolve into bad habits. The professionals at Alair Homes Chandler have compiled a list of 10 behaviors that can mess up a house and how to stop doing them.

Wearing Shoes Indoors

Forgetting to remove shoes when arriving home leads to dirty floors and carpets. Placing a dedicated basket next to the front door is an attractive reminder to take them off.

Allowing Pets on Furniture

Cuddling with pets on the couch is a nice experience, but it results in hair and oil buildup on the fabric. Find a pet bed or use a removable slipcover to keep furniture clean and odor free.

Piling Up Teabags

Having tea-loving friends over will result in a pile of bags on the counter. Using a pretty, lidded container will allow for neat storage until compost time.

Dropping Clothes

Whether it is shirts on the bedroom floor or sweaters on the back of a chair, dropped clothes make any room look messy. Removing convenient furniture and immediately placing clothes on hangers, hooks or in drawers will stop this habit.

Storing Cleaners Poorly

Keeping a home clean is difficult if the products are scattered in different locations. Putting all of the cleaning supplies in a single caddy or bucket and storing it in a designated area will speed up the household chores.

Not Completing Tasks

No one likes to clean or do laundry, and it is very easy to leave these jobs half finished, resulting in an untidy home. The best approach is to do fewer tasks and see them through to completion.

Collecting Too Many Things

Collecting books and knickknacks are wonderful hobbies, but the clutter can take over an entire house. Having periodic garage sales or donating some items every few months will keep the collections under control.

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Hoarding Condiments

Those who enjoying cooking can end up with an overstuffed cupboard or refrigerator full of sticky, oily bottles and jars. Throwing away anything that is rarely used or past the expiration date and using a rack will keep spices organized.

Piling Things Up

Books, magazines and papers can quickly accumulate on flat surfaces, making an otherwise tidy home look unkempt. Boxes, baskets and bookshelves offer a creative way to prevent piles from taking over a room and keep everyone in the household organized.

Staying Up Too Late

Modern life keeps many people up past their natural bedtimes. Falling asleep in front of the television leads to jumbled sofa pillows, blankets on the floor and abandoned plates and glasses. Setting a bedtime 10 minutes earlier allows for quick cleaning and straightening before going to sleep, avoiding a big mess in the morning.

Having a clean, tidy house does not require hard work. By making adjustments and eliminating certain habits, it will always be the perfect place to work, entertain and have fun.