A home renovation project is a major activity that requires adequate preparation and planning. You may find it a bit overwhelming. You may have to make a few sacrifices and adjustments to your schedule. But you will feel happy and satisfied when you finally get that appealing final look. Alair Homes Charleston offers a few things to expect when it comes to your home renovation project.

Expect a Busier Schedule

You will not be involved in the actual implementation of the project. But there will be trucks driving into and out of your home. Your contractor has to move materials to the site. The dumpster has to be carried into and away from your home. And you have to take care of your pets. Plus you still have to attend to your everyday activities. Proper planning can make the whole process feel a lot less challenging.

Expect Lots of Movements on the Yard

You can expect a lot of traffic around the yard. If your home renovation project involves a new foundation, expect heavy machinery on the yard. Naturally, the crew will move a lot of dirt and debris around. Occasionally, a truck may drive over your lawn. Typically, the contractor’s workmen try to minimize damage to customers’ yards. But you will rarely have a completed project without some minor wear and tear. You may want to address any concerns you have with the general contractor.

Expect Dust and Drafts

The project may involve building an addition to the house. Doing this may necessitate some cutting into the building. You cannot, therefore, avoid dust and slight drafts. You can discuss with the crew to see how best they could address such issues. Demolition workers can partition spaces using cloth or plastic sheets to control dust. They may also seal openings to cut out drafts.

The contractor should tidy up the working places every day. They should carry out a final cleanup to eliminate any mess that remains.

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The Project May Take Longer

You may decide to make a few mid-project changes. You may want to move a window to a new position. Such a move not only affects the project’s pricing but may also result in delays. Well, there are times you get new inspiration that enhances the original idea you had. And that is all right. Be sure to discuss every change order with the general contractor. Document all change orders, too. Such documentation acts as a reference point in case of disagreements.

Wiring May Affect the Schedule

Do you plan to have some wiring done for an alarm system or speakers? A different company or sub-contractor will be handling this. A failure to explain this to the general contractor may result in a collision of schedules. Moreover, this may result in confusion and misunderstanding among the various parties involved. Forgetting to communicate the wiring aspect to the contractor may result in delays and additional costs.

Thoughtful planning can help you anticipate potential problems. Clear and timely communication ensures a smooth project execution. Engage all parties in advance to avoid unpleasant situations later in the process. After all, one of the reasons you are remodeling is more personal happiness.