If your bathroom hasn’t been updated and is starting to look dated, it may be time for a quick refresh. While home improvement products have a tendency to get pricey in many cases, there are many elements of bathrooms that can easily be renovated on a budget. Here are five cheap and easy ways to update your bathroom:

1. Replace Fixtures

Replacing your bathroom’s fixtures, which include hooks, handles, faucets, soap dispensers and other items, has a significant impact on visual appeal. It’s usually a good idea to match all the metallic items like hooks and faucets. You can also mix and match styles to create contrast among the different elements. Best of all, the variety of bathroom fixtures all have one thing in common: they’re usually cheap to replace.

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2. Swap out Your Ventilation Fan

For obvious reasons, bathrooms can be subject to both steam and bad odors, which is why ventilation fans are a must. If your bathroom’s fan has become noisy or ineffective, consider swapping it out for a newer model. If noise is a particular concern, you can find sone-rated fans that are particularly quiet, but no matter what type of fan you opt for, you can usually find a solid model for $200 or less.

3. Frame Your Mirror

The mirror is one of the centerpieces of most bathrooms. Making it look elegant and beautiful can change the entire look of the room. One great way to do this is to frame the mirror. This allows you to choose what kind of effect you want to evoke. You can have your mirror framed professionally, but it’s also fairly easy to make DIY frames if you’re sticking to a budget. Or, if your mirror is already framed, you can color it in a different shade to make the mirror look new again.

4. Install a Water-Conserving Faucet

If the faucets need to be replaced, consider installing a water-conserving faucet to reduce your home’s environmental impact. Because water-conserving faucets are no longer brand-new, installing one can be less expensive than you might expect, with single faucets usually ranging from $200-$250.

5. Add Lighting

The visual appeal of bathrooms is partially dependent on having the right lighting. The type and intensity of light frames the visual impact of every aspect of the room. If your bathroom’s lighting is starting to age, you can swap them out for new fixtures to completely refresh the room. Chandelier and pendant lighting adds a touch of elegance, but simple, affordable fixtures can also drastically change your bathroom.

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