It is important to think big when designing your custom home. Your project may not allow you to check everything off your wish list, but you can still create the perfect place for preparing and serving your meals. Bringing your kitchen to life is not always an easy process. Time and attention are necessary. Alair Homes Solon suggests following along with some of the latest design trends as you make your choices.

Photo by Alair Homes SolonDiscover kitchen design ideas

Amish Built Custom Cabinets

There are many benefits in ordering Amish built custom cabinets for your kitchen. Stock cabinets may not offer you the required cabinets to fulfill your desires or fit your space, and this can mean sacrificing what you really want.

You also have more control over the numerous options when you order Amish built custom cabinets. You may want to steer away from the traditional colors and stains, or you may want your cabinets integrated with your breakfast nook and appliances.

Deep Drawers

Deep drawers help create storage for your supplies or non-perishable food items. One idea is to swap a lower cabinet for a deep drawer. This makes it easier for you to reach important staples when preparing meals.

There are dividers designed just for deep drawers. Using them helps you to organize your utensils and cookware. The compartments come in different sizes for your pots and pans. You can even switch your items around to create a system that works best for you.

Deep Sink

A deep sink is a very useful feature in your kitchen. You can find sinks that are at least 10 inches deep, which gives you plenty of space for preparing food or washing dishes. The depth is also great for hiding the dishes you are not washing right away. You can also increase countertop space by choosing a deep, wide sink for your kitchen.

Touch Faucets

It is difficult to turn on the water when your hands are full or dirty, and this is why most homeowners are opting for a touch-activated faucet. This smart device features a sensor that allows you to turn the water on and off without grabbing the handle.

Are your hands full of vegetables that need to be rinsed off? Maybe your hands are filthy from cooking ground meat. You can easily turn on the faucet by tapping it with your elbow.

A touch-activated faucet suits many different designs. Styles from traditional to contemporary are available.

Quartz Countertops

A quartz countertop is a beautiful but durable addition to your kitchen. Quartz is made of real stone, and the design resembles the popular marble and granite materials. The best part is you can have the quartz customized in any color you want. It is a cost effective option versus other choices, and your gorgeous countertop is sure to last for years to come.

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