That Solon, Ohio has been named one of Money’s “Best Places to Live” on numerous occasions is hardly a surprise. It’s located in lake country, that is to say, the Great Lakes region of the continental U.S. Ancient glaciers formed its distinctive landscapes. And even today, evidence of these awesome geologic features still remains in its wondrous falls and rich soils.

However, the city counts as a decidedly modern place, too. Residents here gather on Saturday nights to catch a play at the local little theater or take in a bit of history at the Jewish Museum or even to while away the hours at local bookshops. In short, the summer of 2018 in Solon promises to capture the imagination of modern visitors in a way that few cities can.

1. Waterfalls

The area around the city boasts an abundance of waterfalls, those magical geologic formations that create rainbows from their mists. Some of the most stunning waterfalls in the area include Chagrin Falls, Mill Creek Falls, Brandywine Falls, and Cascade Falls. Spend the day hanging out at the foot of just one of them, or mark off your calendar and spend a day visiting a couple of them.

In between visits, stop in at local shops for some souvenirs. Then, take in lunch at a local eatery before hitting the road once again.

2. Grantwood Golf Course

You’ll find some of the most beautiful and interesting fairways here in the city. Grantwood Golf Course counts as one of them. This 18-hole golf course is one of the most popular destinations in the city. Golfers here appreciate the course’s challenging fairway, as well as its pro-shop and snack bar.

Avid golfers can participate in some pretty cool activities besides golf too. Clambakes, banquets, and other events find a home here as well. As if that weren’t enough, Timberlake Recreation Park sits right next to the golf course, allowing people to take in more nature, a bit of fishing, and even a picnic before returning home after their 18 rounds are complete.

3. Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

Community theater gets its due at the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. This community theater is one of the oldest in the U.S. and offers not only local entertainment but theater education for city kids. The theater has a history of doing some well-known plays, like “Sister Act,” as well as some newer ones, like “The Savannah Sipping Society.” During the summer, kids can learn more about acting and theater by taking one of the youth classes. These classes teach kids not only about the makings of theater but the makings of life.

4. Look About Lodge

The Look About Lodge gives visitors a glimpse back in time. Built in 1937, this city meeting place was constructed of chestnut logs. Nowadays, people meet here to create art, to play, and to reflect on events. The lodge is home to summer camps, workshops, and children’s programs. It’s a place where history lives and curiosity abounds.

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Last Words

Solon is an intersection of natural wonder, local history, and interesting cultural offerings. Visitors here love to experience local geology by visiting the Great Lakes or one of the many waterfalls in the region. It’s easy to see why it has been named one of the U.S.’s best places to live three times by Money magazine. It’s one of the many reasons why Alair Homes Solon loves building custom homes here and introducing people to our city. Contact us today to find out more.