Building a dream home means constructing a building that is specific to your needs and wants. Incorporating a few upgrades will enhance the quality of the setting and can allow you to enjoy spending more time in the space. When you’re ready to start the design process, there a few home upgrades to consider when working with a professional builder.

1. Carpet Pads

Carpet padding may be a unique feature but can be enjoyed each day due to the level of comfort that it provides in each room. Instead of upgrading standard carpet, opt for placing padding underneath to soften the ground with each step that you take, which is an affordable upgrade. The feature is inexpensive to purchase but can offer more comfort in the bedrooms of your custom home.

2. Hardwood Floor in the Upper Hallways

Draw more attention to the hallways in the upstairs of your home by installing hardwood floors that are stylish and modern. The beautiful design of the natural material will add more visual appeal and can make the space appear expensive.

3. Custom-Painted Cabinets

You can allow your new home to look unique to you with custom cabinets that are painted a specific color that sets the style of the room. Consider choosing a color shade like gray, blue, or green, which is considered to be calming colors that will add extra character to the building. You can even paint the island the same color shade to create a uniform design that looks appealing.

4. High Cabinets

Consider adding extra height to the cabinets that are installed in the kitchen or bathroom to limit surfaces where dust can develop and add extra storage space. You can have more flexibility with the number of products or kitchen tools that are stored in the cabinets, which can prevent you from leaving as many items out on the countertops. A wide wall of cabinets will look visually appealing and can boost the value of the home.

5. Glass on the Cabinets

If you want to show off your cabinets and draw more attention to the feature, consider requesting that your builder installs custom cabinets that feature glass. Glass inserts will work as windows that show off your plates and dishes and will incorporate extra detail into the room. It’s important to include the glass inserts before starting construction because the feature can be difficult to add at a later time once the cabinets are already installed.

6. Quality Grout

Many homeowners are unaware that they can select the type of grout that is used with the tiles that are selected to create a unique look that is specific to your taste. You have the option of choosing special grout, which can often be a close match to the tile.

Photo by Alair Homes SolonDiscover kitchen design inspiration

7. Drawers for Pots and Pans

Make it easier to find a specific pot or pan that you need when building your custom home with the use of deep drawers that are installed while working with a company like Alair Homes Solon. Pots and pans drawers improve the functionality of the kitchen while cooking because they can hold a significant amount of tools and will allow you to find what you need in seconds instead of getting lost inside of cabinets.