When making the decision of buying or building your new home, you’ll want take all of the following information into careful consideration:


When you build, you get to pick everything you want, from the floor plan to the cabinet fixtures. Building your home allows you to be in total control of your entire layout, paint colors, flooring, cabinets, etc. Make it YOURS! When buying a home, you may have to accept a layout you don’t like or renovate specific cosmetic items that aren’t your style.


When building your home, everything is new, current, and efficient. When purchasing a home, you run the risk of having outdated items that you more than likely will have to replace within a few years. Commonly, these can include the roof, hot water tank, furnace, windows, and electrical wiring. Replacing big ticket items a few months after closing on a home can be an unexpected and unaffordable expense.


Depending on where you want to move or build, the pricing varies. Additionally, you must consider that there are standard prices when building homes with a little wiggle room. This is unlike when you find a house on the market and make an offer, and potentially negotiate a much lower price. Are you going to build in a development or purchase a plot of land? There are differences in payment and pricing for these various options. Consider that you will know the value of the products and services going into building your home, and you can be confident that you’re gaining quality for the cost.

Currently in the Northeast Ohio housing market, it can actually be much more cost effective to build your home! There is a shortage of existing homes for sale on the market, resulting in excessive bidding wars, too many buyers, and overpriced homes being sold.

Moving In

Homes already built can be move-in ready. This is a plus if you are ready to move within a few weeks to a few months after you make an offer. When building your own home, it could take an average of seven months or more until it’s ready for you, so having a space to live until the house is finished is a necessity. This is where planning properly plays a key role in building your home!

All home buyers are unique, and Alair Homes Solon is excited to discuss how you envision your future home so we can make it a reality!