So, you decided to build a custom home with the amenities you want? Knowing where to start can be difficult. Alair Homes Solon offers a few tips to get started on your custom home construction.


Your first task is to establish your budget. A budget determines your lot size, the size of your house, and the quality of the materials you use inside the home. It is important that you decide the amount of funds you wish to dedicate toward the building of your new home.

The funds you have on hand often determine your capability of financing as your financial partner requires a certain percentage as a down-payment. Look into your financial possibilities first then start the lot selection process.

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Select the location for your new home. Many factors come into play. If you have children, consideration of the local school district is very important. Solon, OH, supports one of the top school districts in the country. This means that Solon is an attractive alternative for area residents. Selecting Solon gets you into an environment where building lots are varied. You may find a 1/3-acre lot you love, or for a family that needs space, there are building lots as large as 5-acres. Your choice of building lot size in Solon varies. Consultation with an established builder in Solon before selecting a lot on which to build is your best alternative.


Your choice in builders begins with the basic choice of build yourself or use an established builder. For someone new to building a home, you need to understand the complexity of the permit process. Yes, you have your building lot, but do you have permission to build? The building permit process for a custom-built home can task the patience of the most laid-back individual. You not only need the permit to build, but you will also need a permit for your HVAC, your electrical, your plumbing, your sewer lines, your gas lines, your paito, your accessorie buildings such as a tool shed, permission to breach the curb, and so many more. And, your unique home plans demand approval that can take a considerable amount of time. Unlike established plans which have been looked over, picked over and analyzed until day becomes night, your plans are new and must go through the same time-consuming permit process.

Instead of handling all this yourself, look to established builders such as Alair Homes Solon as a partner in building your home. We communicate with you step-by-step along the way. Alair Homes Solon is familiar with the intricacies of gathering the permits needed to build a custom home. We are also familiar with the best material suppliers in the area. A reputable builder has contacts in every aspect of the building process. Everything from the cement for the foundation to the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms involves a decision. Don’t try to take all this on yourself, contract with a builder to make the process of building your custom home more pleasant.