A remodel gives a house new life. It’s a breath of fresh air, and once it’s done, most homeowners feel relieved, ready to relax back into the comforts of home now that it’s no longer a construction zone. But there are a few things you still need to do as the homeowner. Here are three things to do once your remodel is complete.

Register any warranties for new items

It might seem like a hassle, particularly since everything is brand new. What could go wrong with it? The unfortunate answer is: plenty. Even brand new appliances can break down, and newly manufactured countertops or cabinets can have cracks or other issues. Unfortunate mistakes happen.

You should have all the paperwork you need to register the warranties handy right now, too. The more time that passes, the more that paperwork will get moved around, shuffled to new places until it’s eventually relegated to a filing cabinet drawer, forgotten and unregistered.

Don’t forget that warranties apply to more than just appliances, too. New countertops, cabinets, flooring materials, windows, and even paint can all have a warranty. Check them all for registration information, and make notes on when you registered them, any phone numbers you need to call to report a claim, and any confirmation numbers you’re given. While you hope to never have a problem, it’s best to be prepared.

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Ask about maintenance

Obviously, you need to do the usual cleaning and upkeep of your new things. But sometimes, some products require a bit more TLC than you’d expect. Ask your Alair Homes Solon general contractor if there’s anything that requires extra maintenance, and if so, what that maintenance specifically entails.

Some examples include:

Protect your new floors

Hardwood floors require extra protection. Think about putting felt pads on the bottoms of chair legs so they slide easier and are less likely to scratch your stunning new floors. If you have dogs or cats, keep their nails trimmed to prevent scratches and gouges as they race through the house.

Add a quality mat at exterior doors, and encourage people to wipe their feet to prevent bringing in mud, pebbles, or rocks that could gouge or embed themselves in the floor.

Carpet could use a little extra protection as well. Make sure to clean up any spills promptly, using an appropriate cleaning solution for the type of carpet.

If you have tile, keep an eye on the grout or for loose tiles. If you find problems, get them repaired quickly before the damage worsens.

After you’ve invested in a beautiful remodel of your home, it’s important to make sure that your investment was worthwhile. The best way to do that is to ensure that you take all the necessary steps and proper precautions to ensure that everything is protected. Registering the warranties, engaging in appropriate maintenance, and taking steps to properly care for and protect your renovation will leave you with a beautiful home you’ll love living in.