Spring is trying hard to come early here in Cleveland! Warmer weather has been making its appearance, still with the occasional snow fall. But the random 70-degree days are enough to have us looking ahead and getting our homes ready to decorate with this year’s trending Spring décor!

So, what’s “in” this year for your interior spaces? Let’s take a look:


The previously trending “Millennial Pink” color is taking a back seat this year as Lavender moves into the spotlight. We’re beginning to see this light purple color take over wall colors, bed sheets, throw pillows, and rugs, bringing with it the feelings of relaxation and calmness.


You’re going to be a ‘square’ if you continue to use any other patterns besides circles! They’re really the new triangle, and they’re popping up more and more in home décor patterns.


Forget the brushed silver and make way for brass accents. This Spring you can give your bathrooms and kitchens that extra gleam with a warm and subtle gold brass faucet.


We’re loving the natural elements we’ve been seeing in homes this year! Everything from natural limestone to faux wood are being used to really set the tone for a particular space, and these materials are longer lasting, giving your home the longevity it deserves.

Woven Textures

Start decorating your interior spaces with woven baskets, vases, and more, because they are IN this season. These artisan accessories are really giving rooms a deep, cultural flair.