Most people are aware of the high cost of home renovations, which includes breaking down walls and installing new materials. Although most people are aware of factors that contribute to the overall price tag, there are a few costs that are often unexpected for most homeowners. Here are a few surprising costs to factor into your budget when renovating your property.

1. An Increase in Utility Bills

When renovating your property, you’ll notice that your utility bills increase due to the extra electricity that is being used by the construction team. From each piece of equipment that is plugged in several hours each day to small nail guns that are used consistently, you can expect your electric bill to jump a few hundred dollars each month until the project is finished.

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2. Boarding Pets

Keeping your pets out of the home and off of the property is essential to prevent them from getting in the way of the work that’s performed. You’ll need to add boarding to your budget to ensure that your pets are in safe hands until returning home.

3. Moving Your Belongings

If your home renovation takes several months to perform, you’ll need to move your items in and out, which will require renting a small van and buying moving boxes.

4. Bringing the House Up to Code

Bringing the home up to code is necessary to ensure that it’s more sustainable and energy efficient in the coming years. You’ll have to make a few changes that you weren’t anticipating to ensure that your house complies with government regulations.

5. Poor Building Practices

Your remodeler may discover several issues with the original construction of the home once they start the project. You may need to improve the quality of the house to ensure that it’s in excellent condition.

6. Making Several Changes

Making a few changes during the construction process will not only delay the project but will cost more money in the long run. The contractor will end up charging you more, which will make it easy to exceed your budget.

7. Eating at Restaurants

It can be difficult to use your kitchen each day if there’s dust everywhere and some of the appliances aren’t installed. You’ll find yourself eating out more due to a lack of resources in your home, which will cost significantly more money compared to preparing your own meals.

8. Unexpected Structural Changes

You may need to make a few changes to the structure of the home if the building is not in the condition that you expected. The changes will likely increase your overall cost by 10 to 15 percent.

9. Insect Infestations and Pest Damage

It’s never a good day when you find insects that have invaded a portion of your home while renovating. You’ll have to pay a professional to kill the insects and will also spend more money replacing various materials that have become damaged due to the critters.

10. Time

It’s also easy to lose money when it comes to the amount of time that you’ll need to spend meeting with contractors and builders, which will mean less time at work earning a paycheck.

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