When you’re ready to break ground and build a new home or remodel, it’s important to work with your builder to discuss the plans. Although you may understand the overall scope of the project, there can be minor details that need to be worked out ahead of time. If you want to be prepared for the project, there are a few relevant topics to discuss with the professional.


When starting construction with a company like Alair Homes Scottsdale, you’ll need to discuss how the professional will be accessing your home and if a key needs to be provided. You may also need to give the individual security code if there’s a security alarm that is installed.

The Neighbors

You can remain on good terms with your neighbors by providing them with information about the project and how long it will take. The homes on your street will likely be affected in some way, making it necessary to inform them of the plans and if there will be more cars parked on the street. You can also inform them of a sign that may go up and where it will be placed.

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Obtain a List of Contacts

Request to obtain a list of contacts for the professionals that you’ll be working with directly to ensure that you can call or email the right people during the process. The contractor also needs to have all of your information and an emergency contact to ensure that you can be reached in the event of an accident. Discuss how the professional prefers to be contacted when you have questions or concerns, whether it’s via email or the phone. They should be easy to reach and should respond quickly to your inquiries.

Protection of the Site

When you’re remodeling, there will be certain areas of the site that need to be protected from the construction. Ask what type of products or materials the contractor plans to use and where they’ll be placed on the property. Temporary walls are often used and can include a lock to protect the site from intruders. You’ll also need to know if certain picture frames or artwork on the walls need to be removed if they’ll be affected by the work that is performed.

Location of Utility Shutoffs

Remember to show your builder where all of the shutoffs are for each utility to ensure that they can shut off the electricity or water while performing specific tasks. Many times, the controls are concealed and can be difficult to find for someone who isn’t familiar with the building. You’ll also need to tell them if any features can’t be turned off.

Details About the Schedule

Knowing when your team will arrive to work on your home will make it easier to work your schedule around the construction and avoid feeling inconvenienced. It’s necessary to ask if they plan to work on the weekends or evenings when you may have plans with your family or invite guests over to the home.

There are a few important details to discuss with your contractor ahead of time to avoid confusion or conflict. By knowing all of the facts, you can plan what to expect and feel more at ease.