Your bags are packed, flip flops are on, and you have visions of waves crashing on the beach as you are soaking up the rays! Your phone is off, computer is at home, and you are disconnected from reality! This is at least the plan and vision most business owners have when planning a vacation. Reality is, you have checked into your amazing beach resort, the first morning has come and you are up before sunrise, hoping your team will execute their plans for the day.


Your stress level is at its peak, worrying about daily tasks to be completed in your business while you are away. For me specifically, I’m wondering if my sub-contractors will show up to our job sites, will they complete their work per their scopes, and will they stay on schedule. Relaxation is the furthest thing in site at this point. However, you quickly remember this is why building a team with a proven process in place was essential for you and your businesses success while away. Maybe it’s your project managers, maybe it’s a partner, or maybe it’s a combination of both that you rely on.

Regardless of who it is, if you had the confidence in hiring an employee or going in to business with a partner you must have the confidence in them to continue running your business while away. With all this said, it is still mindful to carve out an hour or so each day, early or late to check in and send out some emails. Doing this will allow most business owners to relax much more knowing things are O.K.! With technology today, it’s quite easy to connect for a short time each day to feel good your business is running on all cylinders while away. From the Beaches of O’ahu, ALOHA!