Is your home screaming for a renovation? Do you find yourself wishing you had built a custom home, and now want to start making some repairs that reflect your living standard, style and taste? How do you feel about painting, pulling up carpet, and nailing down trim? Is it time to roll up your own sleeves, or is the work best left to experts who can relieve the hassle of much needed repairs?

Although we’d all like to be able to conduct simple home remodeling and repairs ourselves, the reality is that most of us are not qualified to do the work. Hiring professionals can be costly, but certainly less costly than having to repair work that has been poorly done or not completed to code.

Simple jobs like pulling up carpet, painting a room, and applying decorative trim are usually okay for the do-it-yourself novice to tackle. However, some jobs are best left to a qualified professional. Here are ten areas of your home that are best left to the pros:

Anything Structural

Are you adding an addition? Would you like to take down a wall and expand your kitchen? These jobs require structural changes. They need to be done by experienced contractors. Any situation where the structure of a house or foundation is compromised is cause to call in an expert. Structural supports can affect the very strength and durability of your home; much time and attention need to be applied to this type of home remodel to make sure it is done well.

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Electrical Work

Does your bathroom remodel involve adding new lighting above the tub? Are you renovating your kitchen and moving the refrigerator in the process? These jobs require electrical work and are best handled by a skilled electrician. Poor or improper wiring is a safety hazard, one that can lie dormant for quite awhile before putting your whole family at risk. If you do not have training and experience working with this type of repair, it’s best to contract it out.


Completing a quality roofing repair is something that can enhance the look and overall security of your home. Each year, dozens of homeowners attempt to repair or replace roofing and end up injuring themselves and abandoning the job in the process. Getting your roofing job completed by professionals in a timely manner will ensure that you keep the elements out and safeguard against further damage by Mother Nature.


Unclogging drains and performing simple plumbing repairs may not seem like rocket science. However, ask yourself a few simple questions before performing this type of work. For example:

If you cannot answer these questions confidently, perhaps the work is best left to professionals.


Whether your bedroom is often too cold, or you are adding a room and want to be energy efficient, adding insulation is a necessary part of many jobs. Rolling out a few rolls of batting may seem easy, but there is room for error here too. If you leave gaps in your work, that leaves room for heat and moisture to be trapped within your walls—a bad combination. Spray insulation should always be left to professionals. It is dangerous if inhaled. In general, licensed contractors get a better deal on materials as well, so it may even be more cost effective to hire out.


Even if you were to have the necessary tools and skills to attend to a basic carpentry job, you may not necessarily have the time. Again, contractors get great deals on building materials. They devote their time and attention to your “day-long” job, which could turn into a two week venture if you were to tackle it on your own after a full day of work.


Safety is definitely a concern when dealing with a masonry project. There is a structural element that needs to be in place. In addition, you are dealing with materials that can be dangerous if not attended to properly. Let professionals haul your brick and erect a strong and sturdy structure you can be proud of.


There is very little room for error in wallpapering. Get it right the first time, or you will end up destroying your materials. There’s seldom an option to take a second stab at it. When dressing up a room in this manner, consider the fact that this will be an eye catching display without mismatched seam, uneven corners or air bubbles. A professional wallpapering job looks and feels opulent, not messy. Opt for the best look for a job that will be well worth the price.


Most bathroom or kitchen remodels involve tile work on the floor or walls. It has such potential to add ambience and beauty to whatever space it is placed in, but it can be a disaster if not done correctly. Between prepping, application, and drying, it can be messy and complicated to fit. So, do yourself a favor. Call in a professional who can place beautiful tile that will stand the test of time.

When looked at from this perspective, hiring professionals to complete these “simple” jobs is a smart move. It provides assurance that projects are being done correctly. You also have the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of that labor! Alair Homes Scottsdale is here to help with your remodeling and custom home building needs. Contact us to arrange a consultation.