Entertainment and security are the two leading reasons why homeowners are choosing to include smart-devices and systems in their home renovation projects. These homes offer control, automation, and device interconnectivity in ways that are more energy efficient. Perhaps it is for this reason that homeowners report a high degree of satisfaction with newly installed smart lighting in their homes, but the benefits extend beyond lights to include effective climate control and remote management.

Even though remodeling can be stressful, the process of upgrading smart homes has become easier in recent years. Upgrading has become easier because the costs of smart-devices and systems continue to drop.Their availability becomes as commonplace as kitchen appliances and television sets. Several times over the past century, our culture has had to adapt to the rapid adoption of new technology that became vital components to our everyday lives. Telegraphs gave way to telephones, and now cellphones are well on their way to replacing expensive and often inconvenient landlines.You can read more about these facts in the following infographic by

You can read more about these facts in the following infographic by Alair Homes Scottsdale.



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