Pricing the cost of building a new custom home in Scottsdale, AZ is not an easy task. Unlike buying other homes, it’s not all about the cost per-square-footage. The approach to pricing is much more complex than this.

Consumers might find that new homes are priced by the square foot by some production builders. However, this is because these companies are essentially product manufactures. They build homes using the same plans, offering few models and limited amenities and options. So, their calculations don’t take into consideration any “extras” or changes wanted by a potential buyer.

How are Custom-Built New Homes Priced?

Because every potential homeowners’ dream is different, so is each custom-built home. It’s the job of the builder to ask the right questions to create a home that fulfills that dream. Only then can you be given an estimate that includes the costs of not just building a structure, but creating your dream home.

With Alair Homes Scottsdale, management systems are utilized to keep projects on track, and get homes completed on-budget and on-time. The homeowner will also have complete Client Control from the initial design phase to material selections and all cost options, as well as real time daily scheduling and review and approval of payments.

What Goes into Pricing Custom-Built New Homes?

These are some of the questions that will need to be answered to get a more realistic quote on building a new home in Scottsdale:

  • Does the plan you have in mind include a garage, attic space or an unfinished basement?
  • How much will excavation, permits, utilities and engineering cost?
  • What type of floor plan are you envisioning?
  • What type of exterior do you have in mind?
  • What type of interior finish are you thinking about adding?
  • What types of windows, plumbing fixtures, siding or flooring do you prefer?
  • Where will you be building your custom-built new home?

Once your wants and needs have been addressed, your Scottsdale custom home builder will have a better understanding. Now, you can be presented with photos and plans for similar homes built for other clients in the past. And, your builder can give you a ballpark estimate of the cost of building a home, based on your specifications.

But, all of this must take place in-person. There is no way to do this over the phone. You must spend time with your builder for them to give you a realistic idea of the new home you can build on your budget.