Your Scottsdale area home may have been ideal for your family’s needs and may have had a gorgeous style that you loved when you originally bought the home. However, change is needed over time, and home styles become outdated. These factors may lead you to explore the possibility of moving soon, but a smarter idea may be to remodel the home that you love. Remodeling gives you a way to modernize your home in every way, making it more ideal for you to continue to live in. Through a consultation with our professionals at Alair Homes Scottsdale, you can get all of the information about cost and timing that are needed before you finalize your plans to move forward with a remodel.

Setting a Realistic Budget for Remodeling

The first question that many people ask our team about involves money. They want to know how much it costs to remodel a home so that they can determine if this is an affordable option. Before you get quotes, it makes sense to review your budget and to plan your finances. You can estimate how much money you plan to pull out of your savings and investment accounts, and you also need to review the possibility of using home equity to pay for at least some of the remodels. The most common ways to access your accumulated home equity is through related financing, such as with a home equity line, a home equity line of credit or a cash-out refinance option.

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Obtaining Realistic Timing and Cost Quotes

The realization that you do have a substantial amount of funds available for a home remodel can make you feel hopeful about the possibilities, but you need to see how far your money can go. Reaching out to home contractors to request bids is an excellent way to learn more about your specific project. Vet the contractors before requesting quotes so that you can ensure that your home is only improved by skilled and experienced professionals. Remember to ask for quotes for similar work so that you can more easily make a solid comparison.

Comparing Your Estimates Against Average Quotes

Some contractors will charge a fortune for services that others can complete on a dime. Before you move forward with any quote, take into account averages for the type of work that you need done. This step will help you to see how competitive your quotes are. For example, through research, you will learn that a typical bathroom remodeling project could take between one to three weeks for completion and could cost between $10,000 and $25,000 in many cases. If you plan to remodel your kitchen, you may expect to pay between $25,000 and $58,000. Keep in mind that the quality of materials selected, the size of the room and other details can impact the actual cost of your project.

If you are trying to decide if a remodel is a wise move to make, you need to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Because timing and cost are critical in the decision-making process, follow these pointers to get the information that you need. Our pros at Alair Homes Scottsdale can work with you to provide the necessary details.