Building a new home in Scottsdale grants you control over the process and the design of the house. Successfully bringing your vision to life requires working closely with your builder. This professional oversees construction and sees that any issues are addressed quickly. When you are in the middle of construction, questions often come up. There are a few reasons why it is best to go straight to your builder when they do.

Understand the Cost

Understanding the accurate total for costs associated with construction is sometimes confusing. Multiple sub-contractor services, products and supplies are purchased throughout construction. The cost to pull permits and order inspections is also factored in. If you talk to your plumber or an electrician about certain changes that you want made, you may become confused about the extra money that it will cost and how much the price of the home will increase.

The builder is the best person to talk to when it comes to making changes. The project manager is equipped to provide the most accurate answer. Builders are responsible for ordering all products that are needed to build your home. They can quickly contact the supplier to determine how much a particular item will cost and factor in any discounts they secure. They also know if additional inspections might be necessary as the result of changes and what, if any, fees are attached to ordering them.

Instead of having a surprise expense that you did not agree to, learn ahead of time how much each change will cost. Speak directly with your builder.

Avoid Confusion

Going to other workers with your complaints or questions often makes the home building process more confusing. You sometimes even get different answers from multiple people. Realize a smoother process and avoid issues by staying in close contact with the builder. Make your project manager the go-to person. He is the most informed person on the job site and has access to information about the budget, timeline and steps in the process that others are often lacking.

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Meet the Deadline

Time management is an important part of the construction process when building a new home in Scottsdale. Your builder is in charge of monitoring the timeline and keeping everyone on-task so that the job is completed quickly, efficiently and to your design and workmanship expectations. Stopping a sub-contractor to ask questions or make changes delays the work that is being done in your home. This person often has to stop what they are doing, consult with their manager and then, speak with the project manager. Inevitably, you add an extra step in the process of getting the answers you need. The sub-contractor also loses time that they need to devote to the task at hand when this happens.

Keep the process moving and avoid interruptions by contacting your Alair Homes Scottsdale project manager if you have questions or concerns.

To have all of your needs met when building a custom home, develop a strong business relationship with your builder. By communicating on a consistent basis, you help your team to better understand your vision and requests. This empowers them to work hard and get your home completed on time and on budget.