Life is full of choices and arguably one of the most important choices is what you will do to earn a living. If you are reading this, than more then likely you have an interest in the construction industry, and more specifically, an interest in Alair Homes Scottsdale. I would like to share my story and how I came to the decision that Alair Homes was the right choice for me and my family.

Transitional Exterior by Scottsdale General Contractors Alair Homes Scottsdale

Making the leap to join Alair Homes was, at first, not an easy decision. Prior to Alair Homes, my partner, Jason Easterly, and I worked hard to establish ourselves as an expert team in real estate property investing. We risked our money and time to finance, improve, and sell residential properties in the higher-end Scottsdale, AZ market. Residential real estate investing was profitable, rewarding, and exciting, but it was also stressful, uncertain, and probably not a sustainable means of income. Our thinking of how to use our time and money had to evolve. We were constantly approached by residents of the various neighborhoods where we were renovating our properties, and asked to improve their homes. However, we were not structured to act as a General Contractor, and as such we politely said “No”. After continually saying “no”, we started thinking as to how we could, and why it would make sense to say “yes”. We knew we had to evolve and become a General Contractor. Sounded easy, but we started asking ourselves questions like:

– Should we align our efforts with others who are established in the construction industry, or go it alone based on the reputation we had built?

– Who would be our competition and what are they doing well/poorly at?

– Do we stay small and lean or grow a large business?

– What areas should we target and how do we successfully market to those areas?

– What are and who would be responsible for the various internal duties to run a profitable business?

– Is this business sustainable?

Those questions were important, and forced us to research what we were up against. During the beginning stages of our investigation and evolution, we were approached by David Letourneau and introduced to Alair Homes. We were intrigued by what Alair Homes had to offer, but initially, we did not want to give up the name recognition that we had worked so hard to develop. However, we ultimately came to the conclusion that the benefits far outweighed the consequences. We set the emotions aside and honestly answered our list of questions from both sides; partnering with Alair Homes and going another route. We made the decision to make the big leap and join with Alair Homes. In hindsight, the choice to make the big leap was but a small step that helped us more effectively tap into the huge potential the construction industry has to offer. Alair Homes was the right choice for me and my family.