Luxurious bedrooms are inviting and cozy for those who want to feel pampered while spending time in their own space. Instead of settling for basic materials or furniture pieces, you can create a regal setting with the right design tips. If you want to love your bedroom and show it off to your guests, here are a few ideas from Alair Homes Scottsdale to make it more luxe.

1. Use a Plush Blanket

A plush blanket can be placed on the end of the bed to add extra detail and visual interest to the room. You can also choose a knitted blanket or a fur throw depending on the style of the space. Plain beds will look more formal with an extra decor item that is also functional and can be used at night.

2. Choose Upscale Nightstands

Upscale nightstands that have plenty of bling will work as one of the main focal points of the room and complement the bed. Select nightstands that feature mirror or shagreen details, which are regal with a modern touch. Adding a shiny lamp or a metallic alarm clock on top of the nightstand will also dress up the table can complement its design.

You’ll need to remove all clutter that is on the nightstand to prevent the items from drawing attention away from the room.

3. Choose the Right Headboard

The headboard is the focal point of most bedrooms and can add a high level of balance and visual appeal. Avoid picking a product that is neutral or minimal, which can cause it to go hide in the space. A scalloped headboard design will look intriguing and upscale due to its unique shape. You can also choose a yellow or mustard headboard that is bright and adds a pop of detail in the room if you want to make the bedroom design look cheery.

4. Use Extra Pillows

Make it a point to pile on extra pillows onto your bed to make it look upscale and professionally decorated. The key to using the right amount of pillows is to rely on two or three Euro pillows, depending on the size of your bed. You’ll also want to use a row of two decorative pillows and a single pillow in the front that works within the color scheme of the bedding.

5. Invest in Quality Bedding

The quality of your bedspread or duvet cover will ultimately determine how expensive the bed looks. Invest in a quality material that won’t wrinkle easily and looks fresh in the room. The fabric won’t fray easily and will uphold its appeal over time.

6. Dress Up the Walls

After purchasing your home, you’ll want to dress up the walls to create a stunning interior setting. The bedroom is no exception, making it necessary to add a wallpaper print that has a simple design that contributes to the aesthetics of the room.

7. Use Stylish Chairs

Add extra chairs that are elegant and luxurious to make the room feel cozy. Opt for using a bench, a chaise, or a small loveseat at the end of the bed where you can add an extra element to the room that contributes to the bedroom design

8. Use Mirrors to Frame the Bed

Hang the same style of mirror above each nightstand to frame the bed and add more drama.