Whether you are starting off as a novice chef, or you are already skilled enough to tackle the most advanced recipes, having the right kitchen for your needs is a huge necessity.

1. Switch Your Counters’ Material

These days, there are so many types of counter materials available. There is laminate if you are on a budget, granite for that timeless look, marble if you’re feeling glamorous, or even concrete if you are going with the more modern feel.

2. Add a Backsplash

Backsplashes not only protect your walls from the occasional cooking disaster, they add an element of design on your kitchen’s walls.

3. Expand Your Seating Options

Give your family and friends the room to spread out at the dinner table! Adding a large dining area gives you that “chef’s table” feeling, and gives you the chance to create wonderful memories in your new kitchen.

4. Put in an Island

Bringing in an island not only gives you extra counter and storage space, it also doubles as a breakfast bar!

5. Incorporate a Splash of Color

Painting your walls or cabinets gives you the chance to bring in a sense of liveliness during your time in the kitchen!

6. Change Your Cabinets

Open, frosted doors, clear doors, or all wood. Show off your dinnerware, or keep the clutter a secret; your options are endless!

7. Bring in a New Sink and Fixtures

Try a new sink with a brand new faucet system. Farm house sinks are versatile, come in different materials, and are easy to install on your own.

8. Install a Window

Marioposa Grande Remodel
Photo by Alair Homes ScottsdaleSearch modern kitchen pictures

Installing a window may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of Alair Custom Home Builders, you are able to add a beautiful natural light source without the worry of messing the project up yourself.

9. Transform Your Lighting

You don’t have to stick to old, boring light fixtures. Try adding some fun chandeliers and some recessed lighting.

10. Increase Your Storage

Including extra cabinet space gives you the chance to declutter your cabinets, and increase your ability to find things easier.

11. Upgrade Your Appliances

New stainless steel appliances are not only gorgeous aesthetically, they are easy to clean and energy efficient.

12. Build a Pantry

Building a pantry gives you the opportunity to stock up on your favorite foods, and keep them decluttered.

13. Open Up Your Kitchen

If space is limited, knocking down a non-bearing wall is a great option. This allows for a wonderful flow of air and light throughout the space.

14. Find New Hardware

If your cabinet hardware looks dated and drab, bringing in new handles and pulls gives you the chance to update your cabinets without spending a fortune replacing the whole cabinet system.

15. Add a Hanging Pot Rack

Don’t hide your beautiful pots and pans! Install a hanging pot rack for extra storage and a gorgeous way to show off your cooking equipment.