Your neutral kitchen doesn’t have to be a boring one when you add visual interest with accessories. There are ways you can stay classy and neutral but avoid boring. From the tile to the color scheme, you’ll have to make careful decisions to stay natural and bright in the space.

Stylish Tile

In a neutral kitchen, you want to stay timeless. This is especially true with the tile. Stick with subway tiles that will look fresh for years to come. The subway tiles always look great when they’re slim. Avoid wide, square tiles and stick to traditional styles.

Stripes can be Subtle

You don’t have to apply bold, contrasting stripes to the wall. You can imply stripes with paneling that looks like shiplap. You can paint it all one color, but still get the look of stripes with it.

Metal Accents

It’s likely that you’ll have stainless steel appliances. Adding other elements like metal light fixtures or cabinet fronts will give you an industrial look that is visually interesting.

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Black and Gray

Neutral doesn’t have to mean white or beige. You can add dark cabinets in black or gray along with metal accents to stay neutral without being bland.


When you have one color in the space, you can pull in colors from other rooms by using mirrors on shelves or as a backsplash. Strategically place accent colors, so that they’re reflected in the mirror.

Layered Paint

With light gray, dark gray and charcoal, you have a neutral color palette that can be a sleek addition to any cooking area. You don’t need a riot of colors to create interest in the space. Use three neutrals with the same tones for the room. The cabinets, walls and backspash can be painted.


With a neutral color in the space, you can change the look of the furniture upholstery easily every year or two. Whether it’s stripes or flowers on a banquette, you’ll easily change the look without having to add a lick of paint.


Neutral kitchens can have soft wallpapers to give them subtle drama. A cream wallpaper would look great with a beige or white area. Pick a large print that blends with the colors.

Bring in Wood

While wood is natural, it can be attractive with a variety of neutral styles. The grain showing through will make even a simple, one-color space look incredible.

Pop of Color

Whether it’s a white, beige, black or cream space, you can add a spot of color in an unexpected place. Paint the side of a cabinet or add a colorful accessory to the counter.

The natural kitchen doesn’t have to be bland. Add some spice to the space by making thoughtful decisions about the tile and color scheme. You can add interest without making major changes too. Contact Alair Homes in Scottsdale to help you get started!