This was a question asked of me by a prospective client. It definitely caught me off guard as I could not come up with anything except the standard answer any small “Boutique” builder would give the client – the penguin answer. After the meeting, this question continued to nag at me because I knew there was a better answer and I certainly knew this was an area where we could stand above our competition. Instead of delivering the penguin answer, I could have been the elephant among penguins and given him a differentiating answer, but I missed my opportunity to do so.

In the meeting, I had already scheduled our next gathering so I knew I had one more opportunity to put this back on the table. So, I reached into the Alair toolbox and pulled out the best tool we have: The Alair Master Mind! I reached out to members of our organization who were wise on this subject, and I developed the answer I needed for the next phone call.

How GH3 Enterprises (My Old Co.) Would Have Answered and How I Answered

Well, Mr. Prospective, this is an area where you really have to do your research on your builder of choice, develop a relationship, and find trust in who you eventually contract with. We’ve been here for 8 years on our own working in this industry, and that’s never been an issue. So, trust us and we’ll get it done.

How a Properly Educated Alair Representative (the Client’s Trusted Advisor) Would Answer this Question

Well, Mr. Prospective, that is a profound question and I appreciate you asking it. First, let me ask you, why are you asking this question? Is this something you’ve dealt with in the past?

Thank you for that answer! Unlike your past experiences, and unlike the typical boutique builder (penquin), we have protections in place to keep this from happening and if that’s not enough, we protect our Brand at all costs!

How Alair Homes Handles the Situation

On a Global level, if a partner defaults on his business (shouldn’t happen but if it does) Alair Homes will step in to cover a clients’ loss or will bring another partner in to complete the project. There have been a couple cases like this where we have had to remove partners within the organization and make clients’ whole on projects. Alair Homes is focused on protecting the brand and taking care of our clients, and we’ll do it at any cost!

As I mentioned, it should never get to this point because we would have early warning signs along the way. At Alair Homes, there are multiple layers of accountability within our organization that are specifically meant to protect our partners, our brand, and most importantly the client. Stay tuned next month for Part 2 as we dig in to some examples of accountability between the Alair Organization and it’s Partners that ultimately protect our clients, and reduce risk on our projects.