Tile is a highly durable material that can be used in various areas of the home. When you want to increase the design of the interior setting, the tiles will create a beautiful design that looks stunning. When it’s time to perform a home renovation, Alair Homes Sanibel gives a few ways that you may have never thought of laying tile.

1. Large Stripes

Large vertical stripes will make the room appear larger when you want a dramatic element that is the focal point of the setting. Homeowners create thin lines that are black and white to make rooms look longer.

2. Oversized Tiles

You can enhance the beauty of your home with oversized tiles. Oversized tiles will look sleek when they’re installed close together, which will reduce the size of the grout. The design will look similar to a solid swath of stone if you use a grout that has the same color as the tiles.

3. Bands

Create wide and short bands on the floor to add extra balance in bathrooms or kitchens with unusual shapes. You’ll enjoy the drama that the floor adds to the room and it will update the property.

4. Faux Rugs

Tap into your creative side by creating a faux rug out of tiles in a long entryway. The detail of the design will work as the focal point once you enter the house. An additional benefit is that it won’t wear or fade compared to a traditional rug.

5. Penny Florets

Penny florets are considered to be one of the latest trends in interior design. This tile can add a touch of detail to bland floors in small bathrooms or laundry rooms. The vintage style of the florets will also add extra charm with small hexagon shapes.

6. Hopscotch Patterns

Hopscotch patterns are classy and won’t look outdated in the coming years with two different sizes of squares.

7. Hexagonal Circles

Create the illusion of interlocking rings with hexagonal circles that can look retro or classic with chosen colors. It will add more interest to your bathroom or kitchen while providing a calming environment with the use of neutral color shades. The grout will also go hidden due to the fun pattern, which can make the floor look upscale and cleaner.

8. Inset Stripes

Inset stripes add pops of detail to the floor and can be created with an upscale material that adds a regal touch to the home. You can also determine where to place each stripe depending on your budget.

9. Hexagons

Hexagons add a high level of visual interest to the home and will create a unique look on the floor. They can break up stiff right angles and can cause the kitchen or bathroom to appear cozier.

10. Fish Scale

As one of the oldest designs with tiles, you can consider adding fish scale in your home remodel when making over a dated bathroom. Create a mosaic of tiny tiles, which will look eclectic and can add plenty of detail on the floor of your bathroom shower.