The lone blank wall in the kitchen can stand out like a sore thumb. Cover that wall with one of the many ideas from Alair Homes Sanibel. When you get a company to help you with the renovation ideas, you will also have an outlet for getting the materials that are needed to complete the work and someone who can do some of the project for you so that you’re not overwhelmed.

Classic Recipes

The recipes that you cherish from your childhood can be kept for years if you put them in a frame to place on the wall. Use frames of the same color but of different sizes. You can lay a silhouette of a cooking utensil or an appliance on top of the frame to blend with the kitchen as a decoration.


If you have a few unique items in the kitchen, place them on a shelf that sits in front of a large poster that grabs the attention of everyone in the room. A black background with white large white letters is ideal for this design. Put sconces with candles on the wall beside the poster to highlight the words in the evening.

Tracking Time

Instead of a boring calendar, add a bit of spice to the way that you keep up with the days of the week by painting the spare wall in a vibrant color and putting the calendar in a colorful frame. A white frame works best with this design along with a floral pattern for the background. You could add a few small pictures that match the background that are placed in frames around the calendar. Scrapbook paper with a theme is wonderful for this project.

Going Natural

Get a view of the outdoors with a natural approach on the spare wall. A few ideas would include butterflies, flowers or fruits. Get an even number of frames to make rows and columns on the walls. Use frames that contrast to the color of the wall, such as black on white. Put a picture of one thing that matches the theme that you’re using in each frame. The bright colors in the frames add life to a room that is sometimes bland and boring.

Open Shelving

Display everything from plates to trinkets on open shelves that are placed on the spare wall when you begin your renovation project. Paint the wall in a cheerful color, like yellow, before adding shelves that contrast what you choose. Yellow or green with white shelves gives an open and airy appearance to the room. You could also install a sink under the shelves as a highlight.


If the spare wall is located near a sink or major appliances, then consider adding a bit of color with a backsplash design. This is where companies like Alair Homes Sanibel would be a benefit as someone could walk you through the numerous colors and design options that are available before installing the material so that it stays in place.