There is something about small homes that is really lovely, and that is that they are cozy. Tiny spaces, when done well, can create a welcoming space where you can relax and feel comfortable. And let’s face it, the smaller space the less cleaning involved. But here’s the thing, there’s a trick to making small spaces work. Here Alair Homes Sanibel offers four great tips that will help you do just that.

Tips to make your tiny home a cozy space


Using partitions instead of walls can be a great way to manage your space in a tiny home. Partitions can be of different kinds and can all serve their own function. A partition with shelves on both sides can divide the space between rooms while also providing storage. Retractable partitions let you close up space when you need privacy and open it up when you want a bit more room. Curtains and screens are also useful for dividing spaces without needing walls.


One of the best ways to make a small home look a little bigger on the inside is by letting in a lot of light. Big windows that take up lots of wall space help brighten the place up. Skylights and French windows are also good ways to let more light in to make a room look more spacious.

Efficient Design of a Tiny Home

High shelves

If you need the extra storage but simply don’t have the room you can think about installing high shelves. Shelves that are placed about a foot or two below the ceiling won’t obstruct the living space but should provide a good deal of storage space. The shelves can run around the whole house or just in the kitchen or bedroom where you need to put stuff away. You can also choose to keep the shelves open or add sliding doors depending on what they are being used for.

High beds

Accommodating a bed in a small room can leave very little space for anything else. Using a high bed like just the upper bunk of bunk beds can give you some extra space underneath. Space can be utilized for a desk, bookcase, dresser, or anything else you need to keep there. Raising the level of the bed also gives the room a more spacious feel so that you can have a cozy bedroom and not feel claustrophobic.

If there is one more tip we can leave you with, then it would be to de-clutter. Small spaces don’t do well when overcrowded with stuff, so get rid of what you don’t need. Try on the minimalistic lifestyle for size.