Technology has paved the way for smart homes. Alair Homes Sanibel helps homeowners take advantage of connecting home systems to mobile devices. It provides comfort, peace of mind, and even offers energy savings.

It’s possible to adjust the temperature in the home using a smartphone, set a security system while on vacation, and turn on lights before pulling into the driveway.

About 45% of renovation projects involve smart features and homeowners are delighted with the advanced systems that are being installed. They get to learn more about their home and have greater control over the systems, even when they’re not at home.

The most popular smart system is that of the security system. Approximately 36% of upgrades feature a security element. The next popular feature is that of an entertainment system, followed closely by climate control, and then lighting.

More and more devices are being released into the marketplace every year. Homeowners are never at a loss for making their home smarter.



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