When hiring a contractor in Sanibel, FL to do any work in your home, including building it, you should be considering more than their pricing to make your decision.

A Detailed Plan

Before approaching a contractor, make sure you have a detailed plan for how the project should proceed. This will mean visiting with an architect or designer before contacting any contractors.

When you can walk your contractor through exact specifications and detailed plans, you’ll get a better idea of the pricing, and how comfortable the contractor is with your design plan.

List of Specifications

When you know exactly what you want for fixtures, appliances and finishes, you’ll be more informed regarding the outcome. This means you and your contractor will be on the same page as the project is completed.

You’ll also be able to order them prior to the moment the contractor needs them. If you don’t order them in time, you’ll end up with a frustrated contractor and a job that doesn’t meet the deadlines you set up in the beginning.

Pricing Your Project

When you’ve provided each contractor with a detailed list of specifications, he’ll be able to provide you with a bid that you can compare directly with other contractors.

This type of detailed pricing will give you a better idea of the right contractor for your budget. They will have all the information they need to provide an accurate budget that won’t likely go over during the construction part of the project.

Insured Contractors

It’s important that your contractor has his own insurance that will cover any accidents with his crew or your home. While you have homeowner’s insurance, you might not have the right coverage for the type of accident or problem that can arise during construction.

While you should ensure your contractor has insurance for his workers, check with your own insurance company to see if you’d benefit from additional coverage.

References and Prior Work

While you might have been given referrals from a friend, family member or architect, you still want to see some prior jobs. Ask for referrals and talk to these people to see if they were happy with the work.

Homeowners who were happy with the work will want to rave about their contractor, so they should be willing to talk with you.

The Interview

Over the length of your project, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your contractor. Along with a person who does great work, you’ll want someone you can trust. This involves a willingness to communicate between you and the contractor.

Ask how often they will contact you regarding problems during the project. Find out the best way to communicate with the contractor too.


During the meeting, ask about timelines for construction. You should always add some time to this estimate since there are often unforeseen delays that will keep your project from finishing on time.

Unfortunately, your contractor can’t always complete the project within the timeline, so it’s in your own best interest to be generous with your own estimates too.

The contractor you choose should be one that you feel you can trust, not just the one with the lowest price. You’ll be building a relationship with this person over the length of the project. Be sure to find one you can work with over time.