Second only to the kitchen, the utility/laundry room needs to be the most functional area in the home. When you’re planning a home renovation, the attention you put into designing the space will help you immeasurably once it’s completed.

Not only will laundry be simpler and space exist for organizing cleaning appliances and products, but your home will have greater value when you sell it. The money you put into it may not eventually translate to a higher selling price, but it may have a competitive advantage over others nearby, helping it sell faster.

Design Elements

Consider including the following features as space allows:

Photo by Alair Homes – Salt LakeMore laundry room ideas

Construction Features

Bottom Line

Planning to upgrade or create a utility room during a home renovation gives you a chance to make your home more livable and convenient. Alair Homes offers these design and construction ideas to help you achieve a highly functional and enjoyable work space. Contact us to explore more great ideas.