Whether you are planning a major home addition or a home remodel smaller in scope, there are numerous opportunities throughout the process to save money and time. There are also many opportunities to waste money and time. In order to help you avoid the most common pitfalls when it comes to remodeling, here are some essential dos and don’ts that apply to practically any project.

Do Hire a Contractor

Perhaps the most common mistake homeowners make is not hiring a contractor and instead filling that role themselves. While it may seem like an opportunity to cut costs, it usually isn’t. The expertise, network and other resources that an established contractor brings to the table can often offset the additional cost. Some homeowners see hiring a contractor as relinquishing control, but this isn’t true either. A contractor works for you, so just be sure to choose a contractor you’re comfortable with.

Do Make a Plan and Stick to It

Another common mistake that people often make when it comes to home remodel projects is delaying decisions. Delayed decisions just invite complications that result in additional expenses and deadlines being pushed out. Work with your designer to establish a plan that covers all of the design details as well as budget and the like, and then, do your best to stick to those choices you’ve made.

Don’t Purchase Your Own Materials

Many people have this misguided idea that they can purchase wood and other materials from a local DIY chain and save a bunch of money. This is rarely the case. In fact, most people break even at best, and that doesn’t account for all the time and energy wasted.

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Don’t Live in the Home

This is a tough one because it adds to the cost of the home addition or remodel. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you factor this into your budget. Perhaps schedule a vacation at the same time, and hotels and motels often offer reduced rates for locals who require a home for an extended period while it is being remodeled.

Don’t Disrupt the Process

It’s your home, and you’re spending a significant amount of money. You want it your way, and you have a right to that. But you have to strike a balance between that and not disrupting the work being performed. Time is of the essence for tradespeople, and if they can work as efficiently as possible, that benefits you in the end run as well.