Salt Lake City homeowners put great thought and effort into their master bathrooms remodels. After all, people spend a considerable amount of time in them especially now with a greater focus on en-suite bathroom design. As you design your master bath, you’ll face many choices, and some of the key decisions you’ll make will have to do with the shower, the bath and all related elements.

1. A Bathroom Doesn’t Need a Bath

The word bathroom predates showers. Back then a bathroom needed a bath. Today, not so much, and many homeowners forego a tub in their master bath because it saves a lot of space and frees up budget that can be better spent elsewhere. Consider how you use your tub. If you use it a lot, accentuate it; otherwise, seriously consider designing your bathroom around a shower only instead.

2. A Tub Can Fit Nearly Any Space

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about foregoing a tub because of space constraints, know that you don’t necessarily have to do that. A smaller en-suite bathroom can take advantage of a custom tub, and relatively small soaking tubs that you sit in have actually become quite trendy.

3. Shower Bases Don’t Have to Be Prefabricated

Prefab shower bases are becoming less prevalent. The trend is toward bases that are more modern and cleaner and constructed from acrylic, porcelain and other materials. In fact, modern shower bases are often an extension of the master bath floor, and that really adds a lot in terms of visual space.

Photo by Alair Homes Salt LakeDiscover bathroom design inspiration

4. The Shower and Tub Can Be Separate

Not only can the shower and tub be separate, but designers tend to agree that they should be. It actually doesn’t take up that much additional space, and it allows you to maximize the shower area rather than make concessions because you’re using a tub as a base.

5. Don’t Overlook the Shower Sill

The sill is crucial in terms of aesthetics, convenience and maintenance. Be mindful that a step-in that seems mildly inconvenient now will grate on you more as time passes. It’s also essential that your choice of sill be sloped appropriately into the shower to avoid complications down the line.

6. Shower Windows Are a Thing

Shower windows are a spectacular trend in en-suite bathroom design. They must be chosen, positioned and installed properly, but they really enhance the shower experience. In fact, there’s a trend toward more and larger windows in bathroom design overall for that added natural light.

7. You Can Go Outside the Box Aesthetically

Choose designs and features that suit you. If people weren’t willing to push norms, we wouldn’t have these amazing trends that we’re experiencing now. Not only should you do you, but you should choose a designer and/or builder who is willing to work with that and follow through on your unique vision. Alair Homes Salt Lake always puts the client in charge of every project. If you’re ready to discuss your bathroom design ideas, we’d love to hear them and help you bring them to life. Contact us to schedule a consultation.