Have you been dreaming about the incredible possibilities for your home? A home remodel is a major undertaking that takes weeks or even months of effort in some cases. However, in exchange for the effort, you can modernize your space so that it meets all of your current living needs. The style is also improved in the process. Remodeling could also boost property value and make it easier to sell the home when the time comes to do so. Before you finalize your plans to remodel your Phoenix area home, it is important to explore practical matters related to timing and cost.

Setting Your Budget

You could create a grand plan for your home improvement project, but it may not be feasible with the funds that you have available. A better idea is to create a budget for your project before getting started. Commonly, homeowners in the Phoenix area who are thinking about remodeling at least part of their home will use borrowed funds to complete the work. This could be from a bank loan, credit card advance, refinancing your home mortgage or taking out a home equity loan. Some people may also use money from a checking, savings or investment account. Analyze all sources of income to determine how much money you have available. Then, consider how much of that money you realistically want to spend on your home improvement project.

Creating Your Remodel Plan

There are three main factors that will affect the total timeline and cost of your project. These are the size of space that you want to remodel, the quality of materials that you want to use and the cost of skilled labor to complete the work. When you are working with a fixed budget, it is helpful to create a prioritized list of projects that you would like to complete with the funds that you have available. Talk to a reputable general contractor like Alair Homes Phoenix to get an estimate for timing and cost. If you need to scale back the cost or timing, your general contractor can offer ideas about how to realistically get that done.

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Having Realistic Expectations

You may be wondering if the time and cost quotes that you have received are competitive. Remember that each project is unique. Factors that could escalate the cost of a project include using plumbing or electrical services to run new connections or to relocate connections. A less in-depth remodel of a smaller kitchen using mid-grade materials may cost $10,000 to $20,000. A high-end remodel of a larger kitchen could easily cost more than $50,000. The timing difference on these types of projects may be several weeks or more. There are many ways to scale back on expenses and timing when remodeling. Being flexible is a smart idea.

Regardless of whether you want to remodel your kitchen, a bathroom or your entire home, you need to get a solid indication of cost and timing before you get started. Consulting with Alair Homes Phoenix is a great starting point for your project. Through a consultation, you can determine how realistic your project ideas are for your budget, and you can firm up your plans.