Almost as soon as you make the firm decision to move forward with your home building or remodel plans, you may be eager to start seeing progress made on your project. Before any work can begin, however, you need to take the very important preliminary step of hiring a building or remodeling contractor to assist you. Both custom home building and home remodeling are serious projects that have a huge impact on your finances and on your life in the years to come. These are projects that you must have the right support for, and our experienced remodeling and custom building team at Alair Homes Phoenix is ready to get started working for you. As you compare us against some of the other contracting companies in the local area, follow these steps to ensure that you do not bypass any important factors.

Create a Well-Researched List of Reputable Contractors

Before you can compare the benefits and credentials of Alair Homes Phoenix against other contracting companies in the area, you need to make a list of other companies that you want to research more carefully. You can eliminate any companies that are not reputable, experienced or established. Online research at websites like RenoMark, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and Houzz can be helpful. You may also add a few companies to your list after asking your Phoenix area friends for recommendations based on their personal experiences.

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Analyze Your List

After you spend a few minutes creating a short list of companies that you would like to consider for help with your remodeling or custom home building project, you need to analyze the list more closely. A starting point is to review each company’s licensing and insurance status to ensure that they are active. After taking this step, ask each company for a list of references. Reading reviews online can give you some idea about what to expect from each contractor, but you also need to take the additional step of speaking directly with previous clients. This is a great way to get first-hand information about what the contractors can do and what issues the previous clients had with them. Another important factor to consider is how the projects are managed. You can get information about this when you contact references, and you could corroborate it by communicating directly with the company. Ask who will be your primary contact point and how frequently this individual will personally visit your home or construction site.

Meet with the Team

When you go through these important steps, you likely have narrowed down your choices to a few options. For these remaining few companies, request a consultation and a tour of a few of the company’s current project locations. Ask to see projects that are similar to yours, such as a remodeling project in progress if you are planning to renovate your home. The person who will be in charge of your project should meet with you during this take to ask you questions and to show you in detail how he manages a project.

When you compare Alair Homes Phoenix against other contractors on your list, you will easily see why we are your preferred firm. Get to know more about our services by contacting our local office today.